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Friday, July 17, 2009

MaryAnna's Summer Sweet Tea

What reminds me of summer more than sweet tea? The beach you say? Well look, there's a picture of the beach right on the bottle! And there's even one of those old vehicles that I can't remember the name of, with what looks like wood panels on the side, that people who live at the beach sometimes drive! Although I've been to the beach quite a few times, and I've never seen one. But someone used to at some point! And it's driving toward what looks like some large red thing! And maybe that's a person standing next to it. I can't tell.
From the looks of this picture, the bottle is almost as big as the tree behind it. You might say, "That tree is really far away." But no, they're right next to each other. That is one massive bottle of tea.

Thanks for the submission!

Overall rating: B (for Beach)

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