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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Iwokrama International

Rainforests. Trees. Paper. Papyrus. It all goes together. When I see Papyrus, I feel like I'm actually in the rainforest.
Thanks for the submission!
Overall rating: A (for "Acclimatise")

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Ssn Jose Flooring & Cabinets

This one is noteworthy because of its use of the hyphen as a decorative element. As if the font itself isn't decorative enough. I was "floored" by this sighting.

Overall rating: C (for "Cabinets")

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River City Beads

Nothing "beads" Papyrus! hahaha... sorry.

Overall rating: B (for "Beads")

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MarCom Awards

What better way to award someone for great design than with a statue emblazoned with the Papyrus font?

Overall rating: A (for "Award winning")

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Office of Greenways & Trails

Thanks for this submission of the OG&T's webpage all about Florida's "1,500-mile sea kayaking paradise".
Nothing says, "Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trails" like the Papyrus font.

Overall rating: A (for "Ambitious kayakers")

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Here's one sent in from Scotland! The Papyrus font looks majestic next to that glowing sun. The guy on the roof must wonder why he's getting his picture taken. If only he knew...

Overall rating: A (for "Aluminium solar panels")

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Jacksonville, Florida


Southside Blvd. Jacksonville, Fl

Here's one I've driven by ten bajillion times, but never noticed until now. It looks pretty good, what with the brick, and the flowers, and the trees and whatnot. But someone should tell them that you spell 'park' with a 'k'. Seriously, that bugs me about as much as signs that spell "shops" with like five extra letters, like "shoppeeess".

Overall rating: B (for "Bad Speller")

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Beach Blvd. Jacksonville, Fl

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VILLAGES of Baymeadows

Baymeadows Rd. Jacksonville, Fl

What the heck happened here?
(Update: This is actually not "Papyrus", but a knock-off font. We'll call it "Faux-pyrus")
Overall rating: F (for "Freakin' what the heck?")

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(Several locations in Jacksonville)

This ad is just a hint of the Papyrustascticnessification of "E. Street". It's a great place to eat, but just be warned that Papyrus will surround you.
When you enter the cafe, you see Papyrus on the menus, the aprons, everywhere you look practically. I think somehow they even slip some Papyrus into the sandwiches.
Don't let that keep you from eating there though. As far as the actual usage of the typeface, it's your standard all caps with left sided justification.

Overall rating: C (for "Coupon")

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Orange Park, Florida

COBBLESTONE Condominiums

C.R. 220. Orange Park, FL

Another use of all caps, but this time the size of the first letter has been increased. The flowers and palm trees create a nice surrounding with the Papyrus font as the centerpiece.

Overall rating: A (for "Association fees")

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I had a few more sightings over the weekend. I saw a majestic display on a neighborhood entrance off of Beach Blvd. I'm going to try to make it back over there to get a photograph.

Jacksonville, Florida

Edible Arrangements

Southside Blvd. Jacksonville, FL

The red boackground of the bottom letters really grabs the attention, while the white outline of the top letters almost looks like an aura. Notice how the lower-case letters have been increased at least four or more point sizes, so they tower over the capital "E".

Overall rating: B (for "Baskets")

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St. Augustine, Florida - (Papyrus Gold Mine)

I was giddy when I got pictures of not one, not two, but three Papyrus sightings this morning in St. Augustine. Actually, I saw a fourth one on a bumper sticker, but it got away before I could get a picture of it. It seems like the mixture of tourists and semi-retired people makes St. Augustine a perfect place for Papyrus to flourish.


A1A. St Augustine Beach, FL

This was the first one that caught my eye at St. Augustine Beach. It's the standard use of the font in ALL CAPS for maximum effect. The letters are freestanding and sit several inches away from the building to give it an X-TREME shadow effect. I was content at the time with just finding this one, but I was unaware that I would keep finding more for a "Papyrus three-for-all".

Overall rating: A (for "ALL CAPS")

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Jasmine's Coffeehouse

US-1. St Augustine, FL

I missed this one on the way into St. Augustine, but it caught my eye on the way out. They have added a drop shadow to make it appear as though the words are hovering above the white background. They only wish they could achieve the mighty shadow cast by the letters of PANACHE. Also, for some reason, they decided that the apostrophe was not high enough, so they raised it up so high that it looks as if it is about to escape to the heavens.

Overall rating: C (for "Coffee")

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US-1. St Augustine, FL

This one completed the trifecta of the St. Augustine Papyrus sightings this morning. This time, it's been altered almost beyond recognition. I drove past it and thought, "That looks like Papyrus, but the 'E' looks wrong!" So, I u-turned, and took a shot of it, thinking I would double check when I got back to my computer. Not only does the "E" not have the trademark high middle line, but the "Q" has a misshapen crossing-line-thing and the whole font has been stretched way out.
This is one of the worst abuses of the font I've seen.

Overall Rating: F (for "Furniture")

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Orange Park, Florida

Gibbs N.Y. Style Subs & Salads

Kingsley Rd. Orange Park, FL

This was my first sighting of the Papyrus font in its natural habitat. Notice how it gives this New York style sub shop a hint of an eastern feel. Also notice their special on "Buffalo Chickn" (It's only funny when the Chick-Fil-A cows spell it that way)

Overall rating: C (for "Chickn")

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Emmaus Road Church

C.R. 220. Orange Park, FL

This was an elusive specimen which was difficult to capture.
I had to drive by it a few times before I could get a good picture of it.
The nearby school's crossing guard looked at me funny after seeing me make a couple of u-turns.
Notice the lower-case letters have been enlarged about one point size.

Overall rating: C (for "Crossing guard")

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Other Sigtings:



Movie Poster

The use of the Papyrus font is acceptable here because Serenity was a good movie.
Notice the first and last letters have been enlarged around one point size, and the whole word has been flattened slightly.

Overall rating: A (for "Alliance")

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Tons of interesting information on this site makes up for the recent font-tastic redesign of the site.

Overall rating: A (for "Amillinialism")

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SF Browncoats

This is a Serenity/Firefly Fansite, so the font is also acceptable here.

Overall rating: A (for "Also acceptable")

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