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In a world of overused fonts, there arose one font to rule them all.


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Monday, August 11, 2008


That fish is jumping right out of this typeface, after swimming in a river made of Papyrus. It almost looks like the fish is made of Papyrus. At first I thought that the fish is caught on a line, but then decided it could be some sort of fish/chameleon hybrid waving around its tongue. Those folks at Rivercut could be just that wacky.

Thanks for the submission!

Overall rating: B (for Bass)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

B•R•A•S•S • B•E•D

Lay, lady, lay. Lay down on this big "Faux-pyrus" sighting. (Sorry, dumb joke) Check out how these guys added a thin white line inside each letter for an extra decorative touch. And to top it off, they felt the need to use bullets in between each letter. Nice try, but even that won't save this blatant use of Parchment.
Thanks for the submission!

Overall Rating: B (for Bullets)

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