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Friday, April 9, 2010

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Papyrus in Australia

I just got this excellent collection of Papyrus sightings from Australia.

Hi Papyrus Watchers!

I seem to keep bumping into Papyrus everywhere I walk here in Australia. Here are 4 more sightings, one from the back of a car belonging to some kind of IT / communications business, one in the window of a flower shop, a "naturally good" one on the packaging of some banana chips, and finally as a heading on a high tea invitation.



Saturday, January 30, 2010


I put off adding this movie until I saw it for myself. I can say from first hand experience, Avatar has enough Papyrus to turn you blue in the face. The Logo, the subtitles and just about everything else are all done in Papyrus. I want to know why they would spend millions of dollars to make some of the most amazing visual effects, but then go with an overused font like Papyrus.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Silk Road

Methinks we have a new contender for the title of "Most Photoshop Effects", which is currently held by
"Fishes of Georgia". And, as Thom Yorke might say, those are some weird fishes.

But here we have a new submission, found in "The Compleat Strategist" gamestore in New York. I think if you added another Photoshop effect to the title block of Silk Road, that might just be the straw that broke the camel's back. Get it? Camel!?

Let's do a head-to-head matchup of photoshop effects, Fishes of Georgia (FoG) vs. Silk Road (SR)

Inner Bevel: SR has a nice inner bevel going on here, but FoG has it cranked to the max.
Winner: Fishes of Georgia

Outer Glow: They're both about the same, but the outer glow on FoG seems a little bit softer. The hard edge of the glow on SR looks intense.
Winner: Silk Road

Drop Shadow: FoG has a solid drop shadow, with nice distance, making it feel like the text is floating above the fish, or perhaps swimming by it. However, what the drop shadow on SR lacks in distance, it makes up for in blur and intensity. That thing is X-treme.
Winner: Silk Road

There it is ladeez and hipsters, the new winner of "Most Photoshop Effects" is...

Thanks for the submission!

Overall rating: A (For Asian-European Trade Routes)

Friday, July 17, 2009

MaryAnna's Summer Sweet Tea

What reminds me of summer more than sweet tea? The beach you say? Well look, there's a picture of the beach right on the bottle! And there's even one of those old vehicles that I can't remember the name of, with what looks like wood panels on the side, that people who live at the beach sometimes drive! Although I've been to the beach quite a few times, and I've never seen one. But someone used to at some point! And it's driving toward what looks like some large red thing! And maybe that's a person standing next to it. I can't tell.
From the looks of this picture, the bottle is almost as big as the tree behind it. You might say, "That tree is really far away." But no, they're right next to each other. That is one massive bottle of tea.

Thanks for the submission!

Overall rating: B (for Beach)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Original recipie

This page started back as early as January 2008, as you can see by checking the dates on the archives. Later that year, another website with the same name started up. I think it's cool that there are other sites doing the same thing that I am. And I doubt that they knew my page existed. So, just to put the record straight, I checked their domain's WHOIS data, and it was created on July 2008. So... I can rightfully claim that this is The Original Papyrus Watch! :-D

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fishes of Georgia

From Hogchokers to Rosyface Chubs, this site has it all. As long as all you're looking for is fish in Georgia. You may have a watershed moment when you read this page.

This logo is crawling with Photoshop effects. Let's see, we've got a Drop Shadow, nothing new. But, check out that Inner Bevel! That may be a first for this site. But it doesn't end there, it's also kicking the Outer Glow! I don't know if you can fit any more effects onto that text.

Thanks for the submission!

Overall rating: A (for Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi)

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